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Paul Koning pkoning at
Thu Aug 4 15:21:58 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Finnegan <pat at> writes:

 Patrick> On Thursday 04 August 2005 13:49, Tony Duell wrote:
 >> > How about taking good quality digital photos of the exhibits and
 >> > then
 >> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That is surely a contradiction in
 >> terms

 Patrick> Please, not this argument again...

 Patrick> What he meant is "good enough" quality, for producing
 Patrick> calendars or books from.  A 20"x20" piece of sheet film
 Patrick> isn't necessary for doing that, and a few k$ (or perhaps
 Patrick> less) digital camera can produce "good enough" photos.  In
 Patrick> fact, I'd argue that to most people (Tony, as you should
 Patrick> know, you're not 'most people') a $300-$500 digital camera
 Patrick> will produce "good enough" results.

Certainly the kind of resolution that professional photographers would
look for to make calendar-grade photos is readily available in the
upper end of consumer digital cameras.  Pros probably aren't using
that, but the reasons for that are more in areas like swappable lenses
and the ability to take lots of shots quickly, rather than in the

Fanatics can get cameras with many tens of megapixels, and if you want
a 30 by 50 inch photo you might want to rent one of those.  But for
8x10 that's excessive.


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