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Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at
Thu Aug 4 20:31:07 CDT 2005

> Have you seen the output from 6 or 8 megapixel cameras?

Yeah, it's not so bad printed onto 8"x10" photo paper.  I don't
like it at 11"x14".  Admittedly it's hard to make truly sharp 11"x14"
prints from a typical 35mm negative too, but then again I haven't
shot anything smaller than medium format in 15 years now, so my
perceptions may not match the average guy's.

(I love B/W films with strong sharp grain, printed to give really
sharp prints.  As Kodak has proved, not your typical consumer stuff
anymore.  In fact I've gotten more into photography since Kodak has
discontinued their B/W papers, which is too bad because over the past
couple years I've actually grown to like Kodak Polymax papers.  I'll
probably go back to Ilford.)

Another problem I have with digital cameras is I don't like 1.5:1
aspect ratios.  Again, I'm obviously on the losing side as I much
prefer square negative formats and prints!

The photo archive people where I work have some really cool toys.
They pull out a large-format negative from 30 years ago, stick it
in the drum scanner, dink with it a little bit on the computer,
click and send it to 20"x24" photo paper that is dry in a few minutes.
But... they don't get their hands wet!!!


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