CF cards on classic machines (was Re: Another diskimaging project)

Jim Brain brain at
Fri Aug 5 10:49:57 CDT 2005

> If you're looking for quick-n-dirty, you could always just ignore half of
> the capacity and send/receive 8 bits.... With 16 Meg flash cards, that
> might be less than optimal, but with the costs of 512M/1G cards where they
> are today, it is an option whilst still retaining a decently large amount
> of quick storage for an 8-bit machine, with a lot less hardware & coding
> to
> interface it.

For an IDE interface using a home-grown FS, that is a very valid and often
usd approach.  With IDE drives in the 100s of GB, and considering the
application, it's very workable.

For CF, though, as you noted, the loss of sneakernet limits the usefulness.

Jim Brain
brain at

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