Analog modem emulator?

Bryan Pope bpope at
Fri Aug 5 13:35:30 CDT 2005

And thusly Vintage Computer Festival spake:
> TelePong requires the somewhat rare Apple Communications Card (prior even
> to the original Apple Serial Card) and I have the original cassette that
> Apple sent along with their Communications Card.  I have an original Flash
> Attack! tape and custom cable (thanks to Larry Anderson who provided
> both).  I managed to find a new, unopened copy of Commbat on the internet
> for $10.  It's also on cassette.  I never got to play with Commbat to
> compare it with Flash Attack!  One of these days...

How much memory does Flash Attack! require?  Do you know if it will work 
on all the PETs?  Is it possible to hookup more then two PETs at a time?



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