VCF suggestions... (film vs digital)

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Sun Aug 7 11:14:14 CDT 2005

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 07:51:18 -0400
shoppa_classiccmp at (Tim Shoppa) wrote:

> > BTW what are you doing to preserve your VHS tapes?  Remember VHS
> > equipment are disappearing fast from the retail market
> What's really sad is I know many people who had their Super-8 movie
> film transferred to VHS in the 90's and threw away the originals.
> Now most Super-8 film was not stored in exactly "archival" condition
> but I'm 100% sure that it would've outlived the VHS tape.  And
> Super-8 projectors, while not the simplest devices in the world,
> are certainly maintainable.
> Yeah, I know, I'm OT in the "computer hardware sense" but I think
> the same principles may in some cases be applicable to computer media.
> Tim.

Your comments most certainly apply, and your comparison holds, with
respect to people who are doing the same thing in film-to-digital
conversion with regard to Microfiche, which have a long proven archival
quality in comparison to the dubious CDR/magnetic medium the data is
converted to.  Although it's fair to say that a lot of the people
converting Microfiche to pdf (or .tif images) are retaining the

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