DECDLD usage -good enough for minimal graphics?

John Allain allain at
Mon Aug 8 19:55:00 CDT 2005

> ...transfer the custom fonts to the terminal.  
> ...this method ...can redefine and line up the characters 
> so that they form a picture,

I thought the problem with that was you could only define 
256 characters at a time, and when you tried to load a new
set of bitpatterns, all instances old and new onscreen would
change, making only a picture with 256 unique cells (no more)
possible.  Don't know if this is a fact, but that's what the spec
seemed to say to me at the time.
A full screen could be up to more like 24x80=1920 characters.
A lot could still be done with even that.
Another possible problem: fixed inter-character gaps.
Perhaps someone here has actually Done this.

John A.

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