Apple ][ boards (mostly

jim stephens jwstephens at
Thu Aug 11 20:36:15 CDT 2005

Apple's official RS232 interface for the ][ used only level shifters from
TTL to +- 12.  The 6502 would fiddle the levels and watch the control
lines in software.

If you have a controller with a UART on it, then it will need a driver
chip and may not be useful with some apple aps.

The card I have has a 12 or so pin ribbon cable actually fixed to
the board by a header, and it dangles thru the apple2 slot and is
clamped in place there by a metal bracket that pinches the cable
and the case to make a firm installation.

As I said, it has no chips larger than the 14 or 16 pin packages IIRC.

I ran some sort of terminal emulator on it at one time, and I remember
it had trouble over 1200 baud or so.


Tony Duell wrote:

> Sellam mentioned that Apple ][ Comms card the other day... Thinking I
> should have one, I went digging in the depths of my workshop and found a
> box of mostly Apple ][ cards. I am not really an Apple person, so perhaps
> somebody sould tell me what I've found... All are Apple ][ plug-in cards
> unless I state otherwise.

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