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On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Tony Duell wrote:

> Wildport Ltd 6522 VIA card. Contains a 6522 (Duh..) and a '04 only. Has a
> lenght of 26 way ribbon cable connected by a permanent transition
> connector, other end unterminated. Probably a user I/O card.

Standard 6522 interface.  The 04 is to invert one of the Apple's clock
signals to be compatible with the 6522.

> Epson APL Board Unit G479501000-0. Nothing to do with the language, I
> think, just an Epson printer interface. Contains a 2708 EPROM + TTL. 16
> pin header, presumably parallel printer interface.

I'm pretty sure it's a printer interface sold by Epson for their printers.
I have a few of these.

> Apple/PC link interface. 2716 EPROM + TTL + buffers + M58725 (?). One 20
> pin header near back of card. No idea!

I think this is a card by Applied Engineering?  Maybe not.  But I think it
allows connection to a PC-compatible disk drive(?)

> Buffered Grappler+ (C) Orange Micro. 64K RAM (8 off 4864) + EPROM + TTL +
> a 40 pin chip (microcontroller?). 26 pin header (printer interface). Is
> this a printer buffer card?

Yes, and a nice one.

> 2 off Communication Board. These aapear to the board Sellam was
> mentioning. 6850 + TTL + P2 PROM + 8304.

Somewhat rare.  At least they were hard to come by when I was looking for
another to complete the TelePong demo several years back.  I finally got
a second one through the designer of the card.

> Heuristics 20A-1. TTL + 2 quad op-amps  + 2 quad comparators + 2708. 3.5mm
> jcak socket. I think this might be a speech input card...

Most likely.  Heuristics made speech recognition stuff in the late 1970s
and early 1980s.  I have a Heuristics speech recognition board (large,
mounted in a hard-shell portable carrying case) with a serial port so it
can be interfaced to any computer with an RS232 port.  Circa early 1980s.


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