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Huw Davies huw.davies at
Sun Aug 14 19:43:14 CDT 2005

On 15/08/2005, at 5:40 AM, Paul Koning wrote:
> That sounds familiar, there's Bliss-16 and Bliss-11; one is from
> Carnegie-Mellon and compiles on a 10, the other from DEC and compiles
> on a VAX.  But they all are Bliss, which is a truly atrocious
> language.

I always wonder why people think BLISS is such a bad language. I know  
that many people inside DEC don't like it as they were forced to use  
it as the new "standard" language but personally BLISS is one of my  

I'm more than happy to hear why others think BLISS is so bad.

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