Analog modem emulator?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Mon Aug 15 13:25:21 CDT 2005

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>Agreed, but I would KILL to be able to play modem games again -- not BBS
>>games, but games for which the only method of playing against someone
>>else was via modem or null-modem cable. Dan Buntin's Modem Wars comes to
>>mind. Some games even let you play against players with completely
>>different hardware, such as Populus (PC vs. Amiga worked), Armor Alley
>>(PC vs. Macintosh worked), etc.
> Never heard of Modem Wars for some reason.  Sounds intriguing. has more info.  Another Dan Bunten 

> The second was Commbat for the TRS-80 (1980).  Published by Adventure
> International (Scott Adams).  You played against an opponent on another
> TRS-80 connected by a serial (or something).  The game on one machine (the
> master) generated a terrain map and then transmitted the map to the other
> computer.  You then had to play "capture the flag".

Substitute "capture the flag" with "stratego" and you've got Modem Wars. ;-)
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