Metier Artemis 4200?

Joe R. rigdonj at
Mon Aug 15 16:26:15 CDT 2005


  I've got a HP 1000 (E Series IIRC) that's marked as a Metier Artemis
system but I don't remember if it has a model number or not. I got it from
of of the Charlie Bell auctions a couple of years ago. Charlie worked at
Kennedy space Center for MANY years and had a huge collection of space
artifacts including things like John Glenn's original space suit and TWO
Atlas rockets! I've left this HP 1000 intact and haven't taken it apart to
see what's in it but I think I do have some manuals for it's software. IIRC
it was used as an accounting system, project management or some such.
There's no mention of RTE or any other HP Operating System so it must have
used custom software.

   I haven't taken this one apart to examine it but IIRC it looks pretty
standard except for the name on it.


At 04:06 PM 8/14/05 +0000, you wrote:
>Anyone know anything about these critters? From what I've gleaned from
>the web the hardware's just rebadged HP kit, and the software's all
>related to project management (personal yawn!).
>Just wondered if there was anything oddball about the hardware that
>makes it particularly worth saving...

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