Disk drive parts

Director csmuseum at cse.uta.edu
Thu Aug 4 15:17:02 CDT 2005

> Yes, the DEC RK03 is the high density Diablo model 30.
> > 2.5 MB removable cartridge disk with a stepping motor for the head 
> > positioning. I can take pictures if this is not sufficient. 
> These were 
> > used
> Are you sure about that? 

Nope. I am a software guy. Just a bad assumption on my part. I just knew it
was not the voice coil tyoe that I had seem on larger drives. 

> The model 30 I know used a permanent 
> magnet brush motor for the head postiioner, with a rack and 
> pinion mechanism to actually move the heads. Feedback came 
> from a couple of PCBs on top of the motor spindle, the tracks 
> of which effectively formed transformers.
> -tony

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