Bliss was Re: DEC program listing

Huw Davies huw.davies at
Tue Aug 16 09:53:15 CDT 2005

On 16/08/2005, at 10:52 AM, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> It's the other way around, but in early ASCII standards where we now
> have underbar was instead back-arrow.  (And instead of caret there was
> up-arrow).  I think the intention was to use it as an assignment  
> operator.

Indeed this was the case. The DECsystem-10 I used to work on had two  
line printers, one had underscore, the other had back-arrow. It was  
really important to print BLISS-10 code on the right one (and RUNOFF  
output on the other - underlining with backarrows was sad :-)

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