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Thu Aug 18 01:34:40 CDT 2005

> Sometimes you'll run into "tamper-resistant Torx" which is regular
> torx with a pin in the center of the screw.

I've seen those, though not (so far) in disk drives.

I have an interchangeable-bit screwdriver whose set of bits includes
some three dozen "security" bits of various kinds.  I don't know the
names of most of them, but there are pin-in-the-middle torx,
pin-in-the-middle hexagon ("Allen"), something I might call a
three-bladed Phillips (like a Phillips but with one vane removed and
the remaining three vanes at 120° from one another), "offset" Phillips
(like Phillips with each vane offset to the side by approximately its
own thickness), two-point bits (for which the screw head is solid with
two small holes, one on each side of centre), and what I might call
"butterfly" bits - I have no simple unambiguous name for the shape, but
for those who know PostScript or who have a PostScript interpreter,
"250 500 translate 0 -15 moveto 0 0 50 -40 40 arc 0 15 lineto 0 0 50
140 220 arc closepath stroke" gives a fair idea of it.

Plus a bunch of non-"security" bits: regular hexagon (both inch and
metric), square ("Robertson"), Phillips, ordinary flat, and something
which I didn't recognize when I got it but thanks to an earlier
discussion here I now know is called Pozidriv :) - all in various sizes.

No, finding the screwdrivers is unlikely to be my problem. :)

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