New POWER toys

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Thu Aug 18 12:01:09 CDT 2005

> Turns out to be a IBM PowerServer 520, a 3151 ascii terminal, a 7207 scsi
> tape, a 4226 printer, a couple of concentrator boxes, and the cabeling to
> run it all.  It boots cleanly into AIX 3.2 and I've got the root password
> for it.  Sweet, though I didn't get any media or docs or see a C compiler
> in there either.  Off to the faqs there

Now that looks familiar, we used to have a lot of those around here,
primarily as workstations, or for running batch jobs.  I think they're
finally all gone.  I don't think I ever scavenged any doc's for it either,
as I had no desire to have a Unix system that is that big and slow.

You should be able to plug a normal (non-IBM) terminal in, or get a video
card for it.


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