1/2" tape cleaner?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Thu Aug 18 13:37:07 CDT 2005

> When you say tape cleaner - something to actually clean and treat the 
> transport and composite materials of the actual tape media, or are you 
> looking for tape cleaner for the tape mechanism head?   If its head 
> cleaner you are looking for, Radio Shack Tape Header cleaner has worked 
> very well on my HP and Dec 9 track drives, just let it completely 
> evaporate from the head before loading a tape.
> Curt

I'm guessing he's looking for a Tape Cleaner & Certifier.  They look kind of
like a stand up 9-track drive minus the whole part with vacuum tubes (so
the sit nicely on a desk).  It runs the tape over glass "blade" to clean it,
and I believe it writes/reads a pattern to the tape while doing that to
check for errors.  Oh, it also has a cleaning ribbon after the glass blades
that it rolls over, IIRC.  (not the best description, but it's been nearly
10 years since I used one)

The company that used to see the tape head cleaning pads now markets them
for cleaning screens.

I've found the Radio Shack tape head cleaner great for cleaning my TK50,
TZ30, and TK70 drives.  I'd assume you could use isoprophal alcohol as well,
since that's basically all the cleaning pads were.  The important thing is
to use lint free swabs or cloth.


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