1/2" tape cleaner?

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Thu Aug 18 13:39:33 CDT 2005

"Curt @ Atari Museum" wrote:
>When you say tape cleaner - something to actually clean and treat the 
>transport and composite materials of the actual tape media, or are you 
>looking for tape cleaner for the tape mechanism head?

I'm looking for a device which holds the reels and spins the tape
through a cleaning devices (or not, depending on how its configured).
It allows you to retension and/or clean, erase, test, etc...  Various
models have different features.

They often look similar to old style reel-to-reel audio tape decks.

The cleaner portion sometimes has an amazing looking mechanism I've
heard called "ruby blades".  These can clean and burnish tapes in good
shape but can also ruin a tape in bad shape.

I only use special IPA swabs for cleaning tape heads and transports.


Brad Parker
Heeltoe Consulting

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