QuantumLink progress update

GManuel (GMC) gmanuel at gmconsulting.net
Mon Aug 22 01:49:18 CDT 2005

Great Project. Brings back some fond memories. Are you going to do Rabbit
Jacks Casino too?

Greg Manuel

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> Subject: QuantumLink progress update
> Just to let folks know that the QLink server re-implementation is going 
> well.  At present, the following is working:
> X.25 packet sequence simulation
> Initial disk reset handshake
> Read account and code off disk
> If match, validate disk with new code and go to welcome text
> If not, bring up dialog and ask user for screen name, with erro 
> checking.  Add user, hook account code, and validate disk
> Show welcome text and await F5 to go to Main Menu
> Allow user to select any of the areas on the main menu
> For People Connection, allow access to any public or private room, 
> ignore, de-ignore users, change rooms, change to another area, quit, 
> send or receive email.
> For the other areas, show initial menu, and allow change to other areas, 
> email, or leave.
> When a user gets mail, the "You've got mail" icon shows on their screen.
> The server implements the required packet based sliding window protocol 
> and handles handshaking.
> I'm working on adding online messages (IMs), and the Auditorium room, 
> then the file areas (will gateway to FTP/HTTP sites)
> If there is interest, I can provide more details on-list or off-list.
> Jim
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