DECassette questions

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Thu Aug 25 15:29:18 CDT 2005

>   I picked one of these up a while back and stumbled across it yesterday.
> It's a model TU80 IIRC. Does anyone have anyexperience with them? I've
> never seen or heard of one in actual use but I know it's supposed to be
> useable on the PDP-8 so I may try to hand it on my -8 if they're any good
> (and I can find the right interface card).  What kind of cassette tapes do
> they use and how hard are they to find and format?
>     Joe

Interesting, I wouldn't think it would be a TU80 as I would expect that to
be a 9-Track.  I thought they were for LSI-11 systems.  Somewhere I think I 
have a little bit of info on them, but probably not enough to be of any use.


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