Qualstar 1260S tape drives

Tom Watson sdc695 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 03:50:19 CDT 2005

I recently obtained a Qualstar 1260S tape drive.  It looks like a wonderful
device, and ought to work under Linux (SCSI interface).  I've got a couple of

1)  Does anyone have a manual for this beast?  Qualstar disavows all knowledge
    of it.  You would expect they MIGHT have a manual...
2)  I opened it up to remove the SCSI terminator (sucessfully), and looked at
    the SCSI to Pertec interface board (has buffers, etc..).  It looks like
    the board has options and indicators, and includes a very large pushbutton
    intended for something.  Any info on the options available here?
3)  I hooked it up to my Linux box on a SCSI adapter.  The driver identified
    the drive as an "HP 7980S" of all things.  Is this "normal"?
4)  Lacking a manual, does anyone have setup information for running this
    under Linux?
5)  I've read that there exists someway to get 800 bpi NRZI tapes read with
    this drive.  Any clues here?  Is a seperate board needed??

I may not need any information to get something operational, but I'd really
like to have some "background" information.

p.s.  Sending the manual to bitsavers would be a nice gesture.  Save postage
and all that.


Tom Watson
tsw at johana.com

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