Qualstar 1260S tape drives

Nico de Jong nico at FARUMDATA.DK
Thu Aug 25 23:23:26 CDT 2005

I have the full documentation for the Qualstar 1052, which AFAIK is the
basis for the 1260.
I'm presently finding myself again after I reloacted yesterday, so I'll get
back later

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Sendt: 24. august 2005 10:50
Emne: Qualstar 1260S tape drives

> I recently obtained a Qualstar 1260S tape drive.  It looks like a
> device, and ought to work under Linux (SCSI interface).  I've got a couple
> questions:
> 1)  Does anyone have a manual for this beast?  Qualstar disavows all
>     of it.  You would expect they MIGHT have a manual...
> 2)  I opened it up to remove the SCSI terminator (sucessfully), and looked
>     the SCSI to Pertec interface board (has buffers, etc..).  It looks
>     the board has options and indicators, and includes a very large
>     intended for something.  Any info on the options available here?
> 3)  I hooked it up to my Linux box on a SCSI adapter.  The driver
>     the drive as an "HP 7980S" of all things.  Is this "normal"?
> 4)  Lacking a manual, does anyone have setup information for running this
>     under Linux?
> 5)  I've read that there exists someway to get 800 bpi NRZI tapes read
>     this drive.  Any clues here?  Is a seperate board needed??
> I may not need any information to get something operational, but I'd
> like to have some "background" information.
> p.s.  Sending the manual to bitsavers would be a nice gesture.  Save
> and all that.
> Thanks.
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