Barry Watzman Watzman at
Fri Aug 26 09:24:46 CDT 2005

Re: "My problem with HP scanners isn't with the hardware -- it's usually
quite good -- but with the TWAIN driver and/or scanning software you have to
use.  My preservation work involves scanning a lot of silkscreened material,
like software box covers and magazine ads, and I've found that the best way
to deal with that is to use the scanner software's built-in de-screening
process -- except, unless I'm missing something, HP's software doesn't have

The software for the high-end HP scanners has descreening, although I'm not
sure about the low-end or all-in-one multifunction units.

On the 5470/5490 that I was discussing, the software is "HP PrecisionScan
Pro 3.1" and the descreen option is under "Advanced".  Now as to how well it
works, that is a bit subjective, but the option is present.

Barry Watzman

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