Fw: TRS-80 floppy drive compatibility (MISSING MESSAGE)

infomagic infomagic at localisp.com
Mon Aug 29 11:16:09 CDT 2005

In issue 54, I received two replies to the message I sent Saturday evening, but my original message was not in any of issues 53, 54, or 55. 

I have noticed this kind of "disconnect" before, both with my own message and with messages from others.

I receive the cctech "daily digest" (often there are many each day), and I send my messages individually from my email client to the cctech at classiccmp.org address. If there is a message board or forum, I am not aware of it. 

Am I missing something in my communications connections? Are you folks using some other tools or websites? 
Was my messge deliberately deleted, or has it not arrived in the digest yet? Is this a normal behavior, or a symptom of something I'm not doing right?

Thanks for any help you can provide,

-John M.

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From: infomagic infomagic at localisp.com
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 18:46:20 -0400
To: cctech at classiccmp.org
Subject: TRS-80 floppy drive compatibility

I have a Tandy CoCo that had been used with 2 floppy drives. 

Can I just unplug the drives and use them with a Model I, III, or IV ??


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