Glen Goodwin acme_ent at
Mon Aug 29 17:20:24 CDT 2005

a.carlini at wrote:
>>Are the MS44-AA and MS44L-AA the same?
>>If not, what's the difference?  Can I use an
>>MS44L-AA in place of an MS44-AA???
> No, not exactly. The MS44L uses 60ns EDO SIMMs.
> The MS44 is a different speed grade, but I cannot 
> find out exactly what right now.
> The suffix indicates the total memory size but
> some of the sizes are achieved by shipping 
> multiple SIMMs of a smaller size. Again, I
> used to have a chart but that seems to be hiding
> right now.
> The original MS44 was used in systems like the
> VAXstation 3100-76 and the DECsystem 5100. I
> think the VS3100-76 used the MS44-BA 8MB part
> (4 for a max. memory of 32MB, which could be
> purchased with a part no. of MS44-DA).
> The MS44L was a later part intended for use in
> the VAXstation 4000 series (and probably the
> MicroVAX 3100 models later than the M10/M20[e]).
> I think the VS3100-76 could make use of the
> 4MB MS44L part, but don't quote me on that.
> Antonio

Thanks for the info!  I have a VS3100-76 with only
28MB and would like to increase the RAM, so I'll
try the MS44L in it and see . . .


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