Anybody live in Chile?

Jos Dreesen jos.mar at
Wed Aug 31 23:49:58 CDT 2005

> Same goes for all big IBM iron.  And this is in Santiago, Chile, 
> afterall.
> Granted, there are actually quite a few computer collectors in SA (and 
> a
> growing number of computer museums, believe it or not) but still, who 
> is
> going to want this stuff?
> If someone can get down to SA with a big truck, there's actually quite 
> a
> bit of old (in some cases very old) IBM iron floating around down 
> there.

For those on the right ( i.e. not left...) side of the Atlantic :
a chap in Austria is desparate in getting rid of a nice looking IBM1130.

The system is currently on Ebay Austria, no bids with a day to go.
Sadly it is CPU only, i.e. no printer and cardreader, but does have a 
nice collection of disk packs.

For those who know : is the software adaptable enough to reroute IO to 
the console

I would still be tempted if it was  not a 6 hour drive one way across 
the Alps.


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