OT: "Best" Linux Distro?

Barry L. Kline blkline at attglobal.net
Thu Dec 1 09:35:59 CST 2005

Cini, Richard wrote:
> All:
>             I'm thinking of ditching Windows totally on my desktop at home
> as I build my next upgraded x86-bsed PC. So, I wanted to take a poll of the
> group for a recommendation on which Linux distro to use. I downloaded Fedora
> Core, Slackware, FreeBSD, Unbuntu and Linspire. 
>             Any thoughts from the group?

It depends on how often/how much futzing you want to do after you have 
it loaded.

Fedora Core is essentially the "Development" branch of Red Hat Linux. 
It is very current, but the frequent upgrades can be a hassle unless you 
like to play with the cutting-edge stuff all of the time.

Slackware is an oldie-but-goodie distribution.  It still has many 
followers and one of the first distributions I used.

FreeBSD: I don't use on a desktop.  The *BSDs are all top-drawer stuff 
but you may have more difficulty working with them then you would Linux 
-- an effect caused by the incredible press that Linux gets over BSD. 
It all depends on how much of a Unix-bent you have.

Ubuntu I've just started looking at... it's slick and seems to be 
getting quite a bit of press and mindshare lately.  I must admit that my 
first impression is "ho-hum".

Linspire -- I have no idea.  That one is a subscription model only. 
I've heard good things about it but have never personally used it.  Its 
focus appears to be for the Windows user as it makes it trivial to 
update or add packages.

Personally, I use CentOS on all of my machines.  It's a rebuild of Red 
Hat Enterprise Linux and is very stable.  I don't need to upgrade very 
often.  Combined with Dag Wieer's repo I find I have everything I need. 
My laptop is a CentOS 4 machine and it sees heavy daily use.


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