OT: "Best" Linux Distro?

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Thu Dec 1 17:20:45 CST 2005

Allison wrote:
> Then there was NewDeal Office. All you needed was dos3 or higher. The
> version 3 demo I have ran ok on 40mb or less of disk.

Ah yes, previously Geoworks Ensemble, previously Geoworks, previously Geoworks 
on the C64 and Apple II.  Geoworks 1.x running on a 512K Tandy 1000 with 10MB 
hard drive blew me away so much that I sought out Geoworks on Apple Ii and C64 
just to see if it actually functioned on those platforms :-)  The x86 versions 
ran in 640k, had a Motif-like WM, and had something akin to display postscript 
running as the display system which meant the entire system by design was 
WYSIWYG.  In 1990 this was amazing.  If Microsoft didn't pressure Packard Bell 
to stop using Geoworks more people might have known about that product...
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