How to load ADVENT on PDP-8?

Rick Murphy rick at
Thu Dec 1 19:12:57 CST 2005

At 04:11 PM 12/1/2005, charlesmorris at wrote:
>I have the ADVENT files for PDP-8 (from the diagpack2.RK05 image) but 
>it won't run under SIMH (simulator halts on error).
>Does anyone have the load/run instructions?

Since nobody (including me, the developer) seems to have the original 
RALF-format source files for OS/8 ADVENT, you've got to be careful to 
replicate the environment used to build the .SV file. Normally, the 
ADVENT.SV assumes that the files are stored on SYS: - if they're moved 
elsewhere, the .SV image won't work. However, it'll generate an error, 
not kill the simulator in my experience. Seems to me that there's 
something badly wrong with your SIMH or the system running it if you 
can't run ADVENT off of Rick Moore's diagnostic RK05..

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