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Fri Dec 2 17:41:57 CST 2005

On Fri, December 2, 2005 12:47 pm, Cini, Richard said:
> On my PC at home, although I have "legacy" ports on my Shuttle XPC, I
> don't
> use them. I have a USB scanner and color printer. The laser printer is
> attached to the network though a Netgear print server. The DV_cam connects
> through FireWire and I use a card reader for the Memory Sticks from my
> Sony camera.

Same here apart from the firewire stuff since I don't have anything that
uses it.

> I personally have not had a problem with USB but maybe I'm not looking
> hard
> enough :-)

I love USB - as a field engineer who has to deal with misbehaving PCs on a
far too regular basis* I find my USB key with SLAX Linux installed sorts
out an awful lot of the virus stroke worm problems we get in, also with
Alpha VMS 8.x I get true USB support on Alphas...rah! For PCs that won't
boot USB I've got a SLAX CD to boot which sets up a RAM disk like all the
other bootable distros but allows me to add modules from the USB key on an
ad-hoc basis.

*I should point out my speciality is VAX/Alpha but I have to know the M$
stuff too :o|

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