More parts I need to replace on the VT100

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 2 17:54:39 CST 2005

> > However, they seem to be a lot less use when it's a one-off unit which 
> > you need to repair no matter what (like a classic computer). You're going 
> > to have to do real fault diagnosis sometimes anyway, it doesn't make it 
> > much more difficult to do it properly every time.
> I'm sure that by now, if a stock fault was going to appear it would have 
> done so by now.  In my experience they tend to be design problems more 
> than anything else - like, oh for example, VT100 under-rated capacitors...

Conversely, the fault has probably appeared on that unit, been repaired 
with better-rated components that don't fail again, so the current fault 
is due to something totally different :-)

> >>In that case, for example, if you got a Ferguson ICC9-chassis TV on the 
> >>bench with no EW correction and excessive width, you'd go straight for a 
> >>particular electrolytic somewhere around the scan drive circuit. 
> >>Annoyingly enough I can't remember which one and my telly has just 
> >>started doing that...
> > 
> > Alternatively you could get out he schematic, _understnad it_ and work 
> > out what components could cause this problem.
> If the schematic was available.  In any case it's a pretty bog standard 

Are you seriously telling me the ICC9 service manual is not available 
anywhere? Because I find that very hard to believe (our TV, based on the 
ICC5 chassis, came with a sheet entitled 'customer service information' 
One side was a schematic, the other side was the layout and alignment 


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