More parts I need to replace on the VT100

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 2 17:36:01 CST 2005

> When It comes to books it's about thin only thing I spend too much 
> on.  My library 

Me too.

I must own sver 1000 books, not just on classic computers (or even just 
on electronics). I've got a nearly complete set of Poole and Molloy 
(Radio and Television serviceing, the nearest equivalent to you would be 
the Riders manuals), about 1/3 of the MIT radiation lab series, etc. And 
of coure the Minix book, Knuth (The art of computer programming), all 5 
volums of Computers and Typesetting, K&R, etc, etc, etc. And books on 
photography, camera repaiors, clockmaking, general engineering, 
databooks, etc.

The only other thing I spend excessive amounts of money on is tools. It 
is said 'a bad workman blames his tools'. I claim that's partly because 
the good workman has got good tools and knows how to look after them.

> includes books like the Radio Amatuers Handbook(arrl press) from for 
> about every 
> five years or when they made format changes about 1955 to current, OSDI Minix 
> second edition hard cover, K&R the little white book and a Bell Tel "A" size 
> copy from their think tank with margin notes, Of course the Grey, orange and
> Blue walls and a couple of feet of the DEC handbooks.  Then I get into things 
> like parts databooks going back to when dirt was being spec'd.  Information 

Somewharre I have a valve databook that says 'the supply of this device 
cannot be guaranteed'. Reason? The book is from the middle of WW2....

> and the books that contain them are the single most precious part of what I 
> have because it spans all aspects of electronics.  

I would agree. While I use the Internet as a source of information, I do 
not for one moment believe it's replaced books (or will do in my 
lifetime, if ever). 

Fortunately the person who gets my collection if anything untoward should 
happen to me feels the same way about books and will certaing preserve 
all of mine.


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