trying to design my first micro- looking for "prior art" (6100 and6809)

Robert Armstrong bob at
Fri Dec 2 23:21:43 CST 2005

> Found several online 6809 designs, but only one 6100 (at 

  Thanks :-)  If you have any questions about it, let me know...

  Just to set the record straight, the SBC6120 is a 6120 based design, NOT
the 6100.  Don't know if that matters to you or not.

  I actually built (got as far as one assembled prototype) a 6100 design
that was an updated Intercept Jr.  It had a full 4K memory, a real KL8E
compatible serial port, and could run any of the PDP-8 paper tape software.
It also had the obligatory 7 segment led address/data display and twelve
button keyboard.

  Never finished the firmware for it, I'm afraid.  I might some day, but the
interest is pretty light.

  And sadly, any practical 6100 design will never run OS/8 without a lot of
extra hardware to implement the EMA.


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