OT: "Best" Linux Distro?

Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez cmurillo at autonoma.edu.co
Fri Dec 2 08:48:49 CST 2005

der Mouse wrote:

>>>So what does real unix use for a GUI?
>>X Windows with only three programs:  xload, xclock and xterm. 8-P
> What?  No window manager?
> Actually, while we differ on the details (I prefer my own clock and
> terminal emulator, for example), I tend to agree with you: GUIs are
> mostly for providing multiple shell windows.  (About 90% of my screen
> area is covered with terminal emulator windows,

Yes, I use CDE the same way :-) .
But I got used to multiple shell windows (not simultaneously
on the screen, but being able to switch between them) using NCSA Telnet.
Of course, on the server side there were also some other programs to do
this for users with a plain terminal (not a pc).


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