Old MS-DOS & WIN Software

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Sun Dec 4 13:03:28 CST 2005

Jim Leonard wrote:

> Jim Battle wrote:
>> You are a genius if, from that, you can tell what card I have.  (answer 
> You didn't display the second bit; hit "d enter" again.  It's much more 
> descriptive one more bit down:

I followed your original instructions verbatim:

> (Seriously -- in XP, do start->run->cmd then type debug then type
> "d c000:0000" enter then enter again.) 

The second enter did nothing, so there was nothing to paste.  I see above you've 
corrected it to be hit "d enter" again.  That does show more data.  If I go far 
enough I do see a string with nvidia in it.

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