Dreamcast was Re: "Market" for old macs?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Mon Dec 5 12:26:09 CST 2005

At 5:49 AM -0800 12/5/05, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>  > TCP/IP would be easier if the broadband adapter didn't command $150-$200 on
>>  epay.
>I got mine for $80 and considered that a bargain. It was, of course, almost
>as much as the stupid DC cost new.
>It's still probably tied for "favourite console" with my Intellivision.

The Dreamcast *IS* my favorite console, what other console has had 
such a high percentage of good arcade ports?  I really wish they'd 
kept it alive, instead of killing it off early in the game.


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