Cap reformation question

woodelf bfranchuk at
Tue Dec 6 22:32:12 CST 2005

Joe R. wrote:

>   I disagree. Caps have a definite voltage limit and in many of them it's
>not much more than the stated working voltage. If you apply too high a
>voltage then the insulating layer will breakdown and the cap will short.
>Limiting the current will prevent the cap from exploding but I think you'll
>permanetly damage the cap.  I wouldn't go go above what ever the maximum
>voltage is for the cap.  But further, I wonder if even that much voltage is
>necessary. I believe that once you apply a certain voltage the insulating
>layer reforms and any higher voltage is unnecessary and possibly dangerous
>to the cap.
Then use the surge voltage rating for the caps. But since I don't know 
the rating of the  Caps
for a S100 Buss,I am guessing about 20 volts working and say 25 volts 
surge. At one time you
could find such caps now days reforming may be the only option.

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