Cap reformation question

J.C. Wren jcwren at
Tue Dec 6 22:34:42 CST 2005

Sounds good.  Last question (I think).  Watt (!) constitutes 
low-wattage?  4W and 7W nightlights are easy to find.  40 watt oven bulb?


Allison wrote:

> J.C. Wren wrote:
>>    These are big mambo-jumbo caps in a linear supply, specifically a 
>> nameless S-100 system.  I'm not sure if it's feasible to remove 
>> them.  They're screwed into the motherboard, and while I could 
>> disassemble the motherboard from the chassis, it might still be a 
>> pain to get them out.
>>    Controlling the voltage into them is pretty easy, via the Variac.  
>> Limiting the current is a whole 'nother problem.  Maybe a light bulb 
>> in series with the Variac?
>>    --jc
> For that case yes.  Variac to come up slow and low wattage lamp to limit
> current.
> S100 linear supplies are unregulated (usually) before they get on the bus
> so a load is NOT needed.  Do insure the caps are discharged before 
> inserting
> any board.
> Allison

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