Legacy apps in Windows/OS X was Re: Old MS-DOS & Win Software

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Wed Dec 7 17:53:27 CST 2005

At 1:40 PM -0800 12/7/05, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>They won't envy Apple for much longer. Based on the specs for Rosetta (the
>JIT PPC->x86 translator for the impending Intel Macs), it will only run
>PPC applications written for the G3 under Carbon. That means Classic apps
>-- including 68K apps -- will probably die in the future.

Personally I think there is a real opportunity for some software 
company here.  I'm sure I'm not the only one with a dependance on old 
legacy 68k Mac OS apps.  In fact the only app's that I use "Classic" 
support in 10.3.9 on my G5 2x2 to run are both 68k app's (ClarisDraw 
and the original "Master of Orion").  As long as someone can produce 
something that will run my legacy 68k apps well, and does it at an 
affordable price, I'll buy it.  Basically I'd like something that 
allows easy integration of the App's with newer ones.  It's probably 
going to be a year or two before I can think of getting an x86 Mac, 
so hopefully by then, someone will have come out with something.  I'm 
also hoping that Virtual PC works more reliably, and faster.

Worst case, I setup something like my 8500/180 running an old enough 
version of the OS so that I can also run "Warlords 2".  BTW, I do own 
PC versions of both games, from before I got a Mac, however, they're 
limited to 640x480, while the Mac versions go up to something like 
1152x870.  Both games are also well on topic, but still two of my 
favorite games of all time.

Hmmm, I just thought of another potential problem...  I wonder how 
well my ADB-to-USB converter will work, I really don't want to give 
up the ADB Apple Extended II Keyboard I'm typing this on.  They just 
don't make keyboards like this one anymore.


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