A Hobbyist DECnet Network

Allison ajp166 at bellatlantic.net
Thu Dec 8 20:33:37 CST 2005

>Subject: RE: A Hobbyist DECnet Network
>   From: "Robert Armstrong" <bob at jfcl.com>
>   Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 16:37:06 -0800
>     To: "'General Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts'"	<cctalk at classiccmp.org>
>> As to doing ove the internet, DSL, 
>  DSL?  What's DSL?  You don't mean the phone line, DSL ?

Yep, or more specifically ADSL over phone lines.

>>and floating addresses are a problem.
>  If you mean DECnet addresses, then yes, we'd have to have some
>coordination of the addresses used.  WE can just assign people a block of
>addresses; I doubt that we'll have enough members for it to be a real
>management problem.

Not the DECnet addresses the IP addresses. 

>> There used to be a TOAD on the net (DEC system20 or 
>> somesuch), Is it still?
>  As it happens I know a guy with an XKL machine in his apartment that might
>be willing to connect.  Don't know if we're talking about the same person.

I dont think it's the same person, I can't be sure.  But yes the XKL be it
and the node/machine name was TOAD.

>> More money that I can devote right now (power too).  But 
>> interesting to follow and maybe later..
>  What's the money required?  If you already have a VAX then you're set.
>Power is an expense, of course, but you don't have to leave your node up

I already have a uVAX2000 running Ultirix as firewall so I guess I could.
The problem is when I run VMS on the others I'm used to running a few
as I don't want them to be lonely. ;)

>>Actually a MicroVAX2000 with a RD54 is enough for routing if you can 
>> shoehorn the OS and enough ram in it.  Routing is not a high 
>> cpu usage problem.
>  Yeah, but a 4000/VLC takes less power, less space, and boots lots (lots!!)
>faster.  It's the lowest power budget (and therefore cheapest to operate
>24x7) VAX I know of.

Really?  The uVAX2000 power supply maxes at 160W though the 3100m10s and 
M76s are not much more. Also the uV2k is only .5cuft I think there are
smaller pizza boxes though. I happen to like that the UVAX2000 actually has 
a handle!

>  [The first "personal" VAX I ever owned was a VS2000, around 1989/1990.  I
>used to come home, turn it on, and I could make dinner while I waited for it
>to boot and start DECwindows!]

I have three of them, one is used for formatting disks both floppy and hard.
My first uVAX was a MicroVAX-II in BA23, still have it.  

There are two 3100m76, three VAXserver3100, Two MicroVAX-11s in my collection
of uVAX and at least four Storage expansion boxes, two TLZ04 tapes, and a pair
of TZK-50s.  I had a bunch more when U Vermont stopped using uVAX for mail 
servers years ago. About half run VMS5.44 under unlimited license and the rest
7.2 under hobbiest license.  

The rules around here is if it don't dim the neighborhood lights and it fits 
in the room I can keep it.  Right now the room is cubed out.


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