Reading Mac 800k Disks on Non-Mac Systems

Bernd Kopriva bernd at
Fri Dec 9 13:35:01 CST 2005

On Fri, 9 Dec 2005 08:48:58 -0800 (PST), Al Hartman wrote:
>I think I have a board here called a "Hydra", at
>least... That's what the guy who sold it to me said it
>was... It was a board for an AT that was a MacPlus on
>a board, and allowed the PC to run Mac Software. I
>don't have any docs, software, or cables for it...
>And I'm not even sure this board IS a "Hydra" board.
>It has a 68k processor on it, but I don't see any Mac
>This might be a terminal emulator board that someone
>thought was a Hydra Board.
I've such a board here as well, but unfortunately without any
docs and software too ...
... it includes 4 ATT 3030 Chips, a MC68000, 4 MB Rams and some
Zilog chips.  There are connectors for floppy and scsi drives too.
I would be very happy to get it up and running

Ciao Bernd

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