Using an ipod shuffle with 8-bit machines

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Sun Dec 11 08:18:14 CST 2005

>Subject: Re: Using an ipod shuffle with 8-bit machines
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>On Dec 11 2005, 13:34, Dan Williams wrote:
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>> > I would expect the lossy compression of MP3 would drop precious
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>> >
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>> It says in the article that he used wav files and mp3's didn't work
>Hmm..  All I can say is it works for me and some other people who use
>it for Exidy machines, and I know several people who've used MP3s for
>BBC Micros.  Perhaps the Amstrad machine is being unusually picky or
>perhaps there was something unusual about the MP3 encoding he tried.

Loosing bits shoulld not render a problem.  The original audio recorders 
were pretty low fidelity so loosing a few waveform buts are trivial.

Keeping mind that cassette port data is binary bits represented as audio
tones.  That data had to withstand all the assaults a casette and the 
associated 20-50 dollar lo-fi recorder and player delivered.

Lossy MP3 is very hi-fi compared to that.


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