Amdek 3" Floppy Drives

Al Hartman alhartman at
Sun Dec 11 19:04:29 CST 2005

When I worked for Zebra Systems in the 1980's, we were
selling a Floppy Disk System for the Timex/Sinclair
2068 (which also worked for the Sinclair ZX-Spectrum
with a different Adaptor), that was basically a
seperate Z-80 Computer with 64k of RAM and could run
CP/M in 80 Column Mode on an RGB Monitor plugged into
the Controller Unit.

At the time, Timex Portugal who made these units...
Gave us a choice of 5.25" Disk Drives, 3.5" Disk
Drives or 3" Disk Drives made by Amdek.

They pushed the Amdek drives the hardest on us.

And I BEGGED Stewart to go with either NO Disk drives
as we could buy them cheaper in the U.S. and add them
to the Controller ourselves... Or, go for 5.25"

For reasons I don't fully understand... Stewart opted
for the Amdek 3" Drives.

They were plenty reliable, but... We couldn't get
media for them from anywhere but Timex Portugal, which
meant importing large orders of blank media from
overseas. Rather than getting them from a domestic
source as we did our 3.5" and 5.25" media for our
Coco, Atari-ST, Amiga and other products.

To this day, I think we would have sold MANY more
units had we gone to another media format than 3"
Amdek disks.

I still have a couple here with the OS for that system
on them.

I have a ZX-Spectrum Bus Adapter here, but no drive
controller or drives.

Al Hartman

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