CUBIX/6809 updates

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sun Dec 11 22:51:51 CST 2005

Dave Dunfield wrote:

>Funny, I've done LOTS of "real work" in <64k 8-bit CPUs. Even now
>a lot of my command line utilities are compiled in 64k "tiny" model
>(Referencing stuff known here, Anyone notice that ImageDisk, my
>Simulators and the various other transfer utilities that I've done are
>all .COM files) - I used to think 64k was lots of memory... and I still
It still is lots of memory for me,because I am using 16k x ( 4+4+1) 
static memory.
Since I miss ordered the 16k x 4 ram, I will have exactly 64k of memory, 
I plan
about 8 to 16k of ram for the OS and 32k to 48k for user programs if  I 
can ever
get the homebrew finished.
 The 8088 is great for com programs -- my favorite dos editor was T.COM 
a 4k text editor
but right now I am using edit and still running a dos box for real work. 

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PS One thing I notice you don't have is any Videotext terminals in your 
vintage equipment.
That was a Candian thing for sure.

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