Good haul of old PC stuff

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Mon Dec 12 19:36:17 CST 2005

Today at work I was given another haul of old stuff retired from
the lab.  I got a whole pile of 8088 IBM machines.  Actually,
there were some XT clones as well, which I didn't keep as units,
but did salvage the cards and drives out of.

>From one of the XT clones I got something I have heard of but
never seen before: an 8-bit controller card for IDE drives.  It
has a BIOS extension on it and some other chips, I haven't studied
it thorougly yet.

I kept intact the IBM machines, two complete PC-XT systems and two
PCs.  I believe both XTs have the 64-256 motherboard.  Most of the
boards in these systems are IBM originals, they all have 'AST
Six-Pack' style (not sure of the brand) memory and I/O expansion. 
If I ever get the time (hmmm..) I may build a cassette drive cable
and explore cassette basic on one of the PCs (stripped down, of
course, to remove the 'optional' floppy controller.)

I am now the sole person in the lab still using the last two
PC-XTs (and a Commodore SX64) for actual data acquisition and test
purposes.  I was able to grab and consolidate ALL the good parts,
so the machine in the lab I primarily use now has a special drive
controller (with BIOS extension) in it, so that the B: drive is a
1.44M 3-1/2" drive.  

I also got an IBM CGA monitor in the haul today, and a number of
real IBM PC keyboards.  There are also some 'third party'
switchable XT-AT keyboards.  If anybody on the list needs a 'third
party' XT keyboard for the cost of shipping, drop me a note, I
will give away up to three of the ones I got today (and they
continue to grow harder to find) to the first three people

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