Copyright -- was PC-DOS 3.3

Allison ajp166 at
Tue Dec 13 06:41:29 CST 2005

>Subject: Re: Copyright -- was PC-DOS 3.3
>   From: "Chuck Guzis" <cclist at>
>   Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 21:42:13 -0800
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>On 12/13/2005 at 12:24 AM 9000 VAX wrote:
>>One question. I often can find old abandoned PC's. Most of them are
>>with software. Am I authorized to use  the software I found? One step
>>further, could I copy them to my own PC and use them? Examples are MKS
>>tool kit, MS C 6.0, several versions of DOS, Qedit, PC tools. I admit
>>that I am not bothered by this issue. I am just curious about the
>>'main stream' opinion.
>I suppose that would depend on the EULA, wouldn't it?  Some permit transfer
>of license with or without charge, others don't.

The MS EULA is simple.  If the machine dies and you pitch it you supposed
to buy everything new.  You may however repair it, for whatever that really 
amounts to.  They want you to spend, spend, spend.


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