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Tue Dec 13 15:54:25 CST 2005

dave04a at wrote:

>Humm.... Soldering chips on a manufactured PCB (that someone else designed)
>isn't really "building your own" (although it's a step ahead of what most people
>today consider as "building a computer"). If you really want the experience,
>design a system, prototype it and debug it - you will learn TONS more than you
>would by soldering chips to a board. It's not nearly as hard as you might think
>(start small).
Well since I am playing with CPLD's  I need to know lot about the 
insides of a computer chip.
For me I don't think I could go wire wrap as I don't think they make 84 
pin plcc sockets.
Did not BYTE have somebody doing a 6809 system. They also had a nice 
6502 home brew
too, on small cards,

>Possibly - Although Cubix was originally designed to be the OS for my main
>computer, and by that fact is pretty close to what I envisioned. It was however
>done 25+ years ago, and there is room for improvement. I'd wait until some
>more people have gotten into it and see what feedback develops.
I  just want source code for a Good C Compiler. I don't think I can port 
6809 asm code to my
cpu since CPLD design is something like a 6800. 6800 seems more likely.

[AC - 18/9    ]       accumulator 18 or 9 bits -- bytes are unsigned
[DP/SP 18/13]       direct page - sp zero filled 13..1  or stack
[IX   - 18/9    ]       index reg
[PC  - 18       ]       program counter 

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