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Tue Dec 13 17:13:28 CST 2005

Jules Richardson wrote:

> What *really* bugs me is that Google may well have the only copy of
> such a historical archive of data, so it's not like you can even take
> your business elsewhere to someone who understands the historical
> importance of such an archive. If there was a choice, I'd send a
> polite email to Google saying why I thought they were muppets, and
> just go and use someone who gave you actual access to a Usenet
> archive rather than an abbreviated version of one. 

Google at least put time and effort (and probably money) into
preserving the stuff so that at least you know exactly why you
want to get in touch with So-and-So. And you can use Google
to try and track this person down.

As far as I know, they have no monopoly on Usenet news.
Anyone else can go back and gather up data from as many
tape archives as they can persuade people to part with.

They must have been deluged with complaints from people
who were having their email address harvested by bots!



Antonio carlini
arcarlini at iee.org

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