WordPerfect for DOS 5.1

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Wed Dec 14 11:57:11 CST 2005

On 12/13/05, Doc Shipley <doc at mdrconsult.com> wrote:
> Allison wrote:
> >>Subject: Re: WordPerfect for DOS 5.1
> >>  From: Jim Leonard <trixter at oldskool.org>
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> >>Allison wrote:
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> >>>A friend uses WP8 or 9 as Word is not optimum for legal
> >>>briefs and the like.
> >>
> >>Why?
> >
> >
> > At the time (5-7 years ago) it was the standard in the legal industry
> > as it handled footnotes, citations and other aspects of legal documents
> > better than work at the time.  That may have changed, maybe.
>    I think this is a regional thing, at least to some extent, but it has
> changed a little.  (I'm "primary tech nerd" for a lawyer friend, so I
> have the latest skinny)
>    WP is still the common application of choice, but where most
> electronic documents were submitted as WordPerfect documents 3-5 years
> ago, PDF is now the preferred submission format.  This has a lot to do
> with the perceived security of a PDF document, and the fact that it's
> mostly application-agnostic.
>    Please note that I said _perceived_ security!  I do know it's not
> difficult to alter a PDF.  The public, for the most part, doesn't.
>         Doc

My employer does a lot of business with the DOJ and they still insist
everything be delivered in WP format.  This has been the source of no
small amount of friction, as our own contracts specify Word-formatted

- Mike

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