Archiving Software

M H Stein dm561 at
Thu Dec 15 23:11:02 CST 2005

Well, I didn't get any replies to my question about how best to archive
Cromemco software, so let me ask again in broader terms:

Aside from bootable system disks, for which Dave Dunfield's imaging program
seems to be a much better solution than Teledisk, what's the best way to 
archive software in a way that makes it as universally useable as possible and 

For example, I have original distribution diskettes for CP/M Wordstar, 
Supercalc, etc. on 8" disks. Obviously images wouldn't be very useful for 
someone with only 5" drives or no 8" drive on the PC; on the other hand, 
a DOS ZIP file of the files on that disk would have to be copied/converted 
back to a CP/M format disk somehow. 

So, how are the rest of you dealing with this?



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