Strange PCBs found at hamfest - GPIB?

Gerald Molenkamp geraldm at
Fri Dec 16 06:52:41 CST 2005

Hi Jim,

I read your message on the control of a Tek2712 via GPIB.

I have a Tek2712 myself with no serial interface, however I do have a GPIB. 
I also have a Ethernet to GPIB interface and are able to control my HP 53131 
counter via GPIB, so I know it all works fine. I am struggling to find 
appropriate drivers or basic control s/w that allows me to connect the 
Tek2712 to the GPIB I/F.

My aim is to simply print, however any additional features would help.

Are you able to provide more detail of how you went about controlling your 
Tek2712 via GPIB?


Gerald Molenkamp
Melbourne Australia 

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